Cerberus for Wireline
Cerberus Certification Preview

This preview contains some screen captures from the examination to give you some idea of what to expect.
Note that these are only selections from much larger screens.


Either your company Administrator or Aradia Consulting registers you as a candidate for the exam.

You will usually receive an automatic email informing you that your company has registered you for this program.
It will include your login information and timeframe in which to take the exam.
Some companies may notify you through other means.

Welcome Page

After you have logged in, you will see the welcome page. The exam starts when you click the button at the bottom of the screen.
You then have three hours to complete the exam. Make sure you are not interrupted, the clock doesn't stop!

Examination Part 1

The first of three sections in the exam contains fifteen basic warm-up questions about Cerberus and wireline modeling theory.
The questions are not multiple choice, you must write the answers in yourself.
Note the clock in the upper right corner, reminding you how much time remains.
[note that these screen captures only show you a small part of the page for illustration purposes]

Examination Part 2

The second part requires you to create an open hole project, analyze it, make recommendations and generate a report.
The information is presented to you in a pseudo-realistic fashion, as illustrated below.

You will be asked to answer questions about the project.

You will create a report and upload it for review by the examiner.

Examination Part 3

The third part of the exam requires you to configure and analyze a cased hole project, involving pressure and flow. The input parameters of the project are slightly different for every student.

Submit your Answers

The exam is now complete. The final page gives a summary of which questions you have answered and files you have uploaded for review. You can also mention any problems you had which may help the examiner interpret your answers.Once you are ready, you click the button to submit your exam. No further changes can be made after this point.

You then receive an automatic e-mail confirming your exam submission.


Your examination answers are reviewed by Aradia Consulting. The results are sent to you, and also made available to your company administrator.

This concludes the preview of the certification examination.
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Cerberus Certification is a service of Aradia Consulting, who provide software and training to the coiled tubing and wireline industries, drawing on 25 years of experience in field operations, engineering, marketing and product development. Paul Brown, owner of Aradia Consulting, was Senior Vice President of CTES for 10 years before becoming an independent consultant in 2005. He was a primary architect of the Cerberus for Wireline software program.

The certification process is recognized and approved by NOV-CTES (Cerberus suppliers) as meeting the minimum requirements to demonstrate competence in the use of Cerberus.