Cerberus for Wireline Certification

Cerberus for Wireline
Certification Examination

Welcome to the online certification website for Cerberus for Wireline®, the award-winning modeling software from NOV-CTES for wireline and slickline operations.

Cerberus Certification provides service companies and operators with a means of evaluating an individual's readiness to use the software in the field for mission-critical operations. It is intended primarily for people who are new to the software and have recently completed the Wireline Online Tutorial, although the program is open to all Cerberus users.

A person with this certification has demonstrated their ability to:
  • navigate the software.
  • understand the basics of modeling wireline operations.
  • configure the input data for a variety of real-world scenarios.
  • perform the calculations and correctly interpret the results.
  • use the reporting features to deliver a comprehensive analysis.

    There are five stages to the certification process:

  • registration - so we can identify you and store your results.
  • activation - you are given a timeframe in which to take the exam.
  • taking the exam - online, under controlled conditions.
  • assessment - your responses are reviewed by Aradia.
  • certification - if you achieve the required score.

    What to expect: [ preview ]

  • there are three sections in the exam.
  • the first section has general questions about wireline modeling.
  • in the second section you configure an open hole project.
  • in the third section you create a cased hole project with flow and pressure.
  • you have 3 hours to complete the exam.
  • your answers are evaluated individually.

  • Your company designates a Program Administrator who registers students and then monitors their progress online. Student notification of when and how to take the exam is handled automatically by email.
    Each exam is unique! The questions and input parameters are slightly different for every student, minimizing the potential for abuse. Representatives from Aradia Consulting or CTES are available for on-site training and exam supervision if desired. All results are of course completely confidential to each participating company.

    The fee for this service is an annual retainer of $2,800 per client company plus $399 per student.
    This is separate from the Online Tutorial annual license fee.

    Cerberus Certification is a service of Aradia Consulting, who provide software and training to the coiled tubing and wireline industries, drawing on 25 years of experience in field operations, engineering, marketing and product development. Paul Brown, owner of Aradia Consulting, was Senior Vice President of CTES for 10 years before becoming an independent consultant in 2005. He was the primary architect of the Cerberus for Wireline® module, and was previously a wireline logging engineer and product manager for Schlumberger.

    The certification process is recognized and approved by NOV-CTES (Cerberus software vendor) as meeting the minimum requirements to demonstrate competence in the use of Cerberus for Wireline. The exam is not administered or scored by NOV-CTES to avoid potential conflict of interest between vendor and customer.

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